Virta minne veneen vie

Tiesitkö, että suomenkielisen Pocahontasin dubbaaja on Arja Koriseva. Hän on yksi lempi laulajistani ja myös monien muiden suomalaisten rakastama. Minun mielestäni hän on täydellinen Pocahontas ja vieläpä hieman tämän näköinenkin. Joten aion laulaa 'Virta minne veneen vie' Pocahontasista suomeksi.


Did you know that in Finland Pocahontas is dubbed by Finnish singer Arja Koriseva. She's one of my favorite singers and loved by many other Finns too. I think she is the perfect Pocahontas and she even looks a little bit like her. So, I'm going to sing you 'Just Around the Riverbend' from Pocahontas, in Finnish.


4 kommenttia:

Sara kirjoitti...

My dogs came running to listen to you sing!

Lilli kirjoitti...

That's really nice to hear! :D It would be bad thing if dogs would run off when ever I try to sing, that would be difficult when I'll have my own dogs someday xD


Lassiter Chase and Benjamin kirjoitti...

We haven't seen the movie Pocahontas in a very long time. We will have to watch the movie again soon.

You sang the song well!

Lilli kirjoitti...

Same here. That's because my Pocahontas is in VHS and we haven't had VCR for many years now and still don't have one :( Maybe I need to find an old VCR somewhere or I just have to buy the DVD (maybe buying the DVD would be easier :D)

And thank you for the compliment. This is quite tricky song to sing because it has so many words in it to fit into melody -_- The English version is more tricky.